Almost all Problems are Due to the System—Management owns the System

To Achieve Better Results – Management has to Change the System

  • Lean Enterprise System Initial Assessment
    One of the most important steps in the Lean Enterprise System (LES) implementation process is the initial site assessment. It is during this step that the assessment team gathers the information necessary to establish the plant’s baseline which leads directly to the improvement objectives and plans. The LES system will build upon the strengths of the plant organization while it works to eliminate the weaknesses in its processes.

    LES Assessment

    There are a variety of reasons why a baseline assessment is completed before the actual implementation of the LES system. Specifically, it is during this necessary first step that the assessment team:
    1. Learns about the structure of the organization
    2. Learns about current manufacturing processes used in the plant
    3. Understands which resources are present and which will be needed to implement the LES system
    4. Understands the plant and local culture which will be important in determining any implementation plan
    5. Learns about current management processes and practices
    6. Learns about current performance to AOP targets and what is driving that performance
    7. Learns about future business plans and management priorities
    8. Understands local employment practices, laws, and employee development programs
    9. Understands the history of the organization, including previous programs that have been implemented or were attempted to be implemented
    10. Learns about the best methods to implement change in the particular organization based on past experience
    11. Gathers information about local best practices which can be used to improve your Organizations world-wide operations (if applicable)
    12. Sets up framework for conducting the post-implementation assessment.
    13. Identifies LES site leader and possible members of the site steering team
    14. Builds rapport with staff and management team

Assessment Determines Road Map to Success!

These methods have produced superior results in Manufacturing, Transactional, and Service Sectors.

Les Methods and Tools

Example of a Lean Enterprise Assessment - Maintenance

  • Our Lean Enterprise Systems Approach
    North Star Lean Six Sigma Consulting’s (North Star) approach is to seek first to understand what the most pressing needs of the Business are, and its historical traditions, and culture. We have been involved in businesses on Five Continents and in many different countries. We know that each Site/Business is unique and different and the approach will need to be tailored to best fit the actual conditions at the time. We also know that all Organizations have a daily churn that they must deal with. As such, there is a definite Bandwidth that limits the activities and change that can be accommodated in any Organization. North Star will work with your Organization to develop a Road Map that will ensure success at the most rapid rate.To improve, an Organization needs to have the right tools and systems in place, to begin, and continue on their journey to Excellence. North Star has extensive experience in the use and deployment of Lean Six Sigma and other Tools that an organization needs to be successful. We also combine the best known industry practices into a cohesive Lean Enterprise System (LES) that is used to manage the business. The Lean Management System is a framework of processes and procedures used to ensure that an organization can fulfill all tasks required to achieve it objectives. The backbone of the LES process is the set of basic and advanced processes used to manage the business. This set of processes is comprised of foundational tools and programs which drive all business operations. All together, these processes form key components of the Lean Enterprise System. The LES process has been successfully deployed across the Globe – never a failure. At all deployment sites – the sites are still engaged and continuing their journey of Excellence years later.North Star will work with your Organization to assess the current state and then utilize selection tools to go after the areas where we can get immediate returns with the least disruption. This approach then frees up more time for the Organization to take on more activities and change while continuing to accelerate financial performance, growth, and customer satisfaction.

Les Methods and Tools
Les Methods and Tools
Les Methods and Tools
Les Methods and Tools
Les Methods and Tools
Les Methods and Tools