Design for Six Sigma utilizes  the Lean, Six Sigma, and Business development tools to enable profitable products/processes from cradle to grave.


We believe that adult learning requires the teaching of the concept and then the hands on application of that concept to obtain a “working knowledge” of how to use the concept. We apply this concept to the DFSS training. 

A “New Product” example problem is introduced on the first day of the Class. In teams, the class members are walked thru a module and then at the end of the module, they are asked to apply the concept learned to the “New Product/Process” launch process. The exercise runs thru the entire training with a competition on the final day to meet Customer Requirements and have the best Value Equation. 

With this approach, when the student returns to work, they will be able to immediately begin work on a New Product/Process launch, and walk thru the appropriate phase gates and associated tool usage. Click to Request a FREE Consultation

Who Should Attend

All those that are Stake Holders in the New Product/Process launch process. Program Managers, Sales Managers, Engineering, Quality, Production, Finance, Office Managers. Project Managers, Administrators, etc.. The training is set up so that anyone can do very well. We have had all the above folks in our classes and each class has had folks from the different roles excel through out the class and win the final competition.

During and after the training, we provide phone consultations to ensure that each person is able to be certified and achieve the targeted Business Results. For those wishing to receive a nationally recognized “DFSS Green Belt Certification” we work with the University of Utah to provide Certification based  on training at your site or training at the  U of U facilities on the U of U Campus. North Star can make the arrangements or you can contact the University of Utah directly at:

(801) 587 – 7273