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We are Insurgents, we make the complex simple, we act with speed, we lean out the processes, reduce the variation, and focus on the vital few. We apply the correct tools and systems to achieve business results. We are Lean Six Sigma Master Blackbelts, with Industrial, Admin, Hospital, Government and Military backgrounds, each with over 35 years of successfully developing & deploying Lean, 6σ DMAIC & DFSS, Maintenance Excellence, Engineering, Quality,  and Management solutions on 5 Continents.
We have coached, trained, and mentored site teams to teach them the right tools and methods to solve their problems. We have worked with Regional and Global business leaders to develop, train and deploy tools and systems to help them significantly improve and radically transform their businesses. We have good successes improve an area & we have had  have many wins doing that. However, we have had great successess if there is a robust, fast acting, sustaining “Lean System” in place, and the results sustain over time.
If we see that the existing system your using will keep you from achieving your goals, we will suggest that a Lean Enterprise (Toyota Production type) system  be implemented to ensure the results are sustained and improved upon – regardless of the changing of personnel or business conditions. A good “System” works equally well in a factory or in the Admin/Medical/Financial arenas. To serve you and your business, we provide onsite services and training, off-site training, regional and global systems development and deployment, and executive level consulting. North Star Lean Six Sigma Consulting provides you with Strategic as well as the Tactical know-how necessary to achieve your business objectives, quickly, effectively, and consistently.

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The Journey to Excellence is not quick, nor easy, but the results are amazing, and the journey is awesome!

The North Star has been a guide for peoples for millennia.
Even today, our most advanced guidance systems start with calibrating to the North Star.
It is true and consistent.

As we work with you, we will stay true to those same principles, as we go together towards True North, on your Journey to Excellence.

About Us